Mary Magdalene and her connection to Rennes les Chateau

Easter Good Friday
The Great Hall, Chateau St Ferriol, 11500, Aude, France

Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson - Sacred Love and the Legends of Mary Magdalene 

10 Euros Entry

Free to member of Les Amis de Chateau St Ferriol

Friday 14th April 2017

3pm - 7pm 

Join Anaiya Sophie in the Great Hall of Chateau St Ferriol for a presentation on Mary Magdalene and her connection to Rennes le Chateau

Anaiya Sophia will  unravel and lead us through the legends and myths surrounding Mary Magdalene and her journeys in and around the Rennes Plateau.  Anaiya is a natural storyteller and will bring the Magdalene Mysteries to life in a way that men and women can not only hear, but also really feel their meanings. 

After the presentation in the great hall the group will divide into men and women.  The men will walk out with Pete Wilson onto the Rennes Plateau to explore the Magdalene Cave while Anaiya will stay at home with the women to explore the deeper meanings of:
*  Sacred Sexuality
*  Sacred Feminine
*  Sacred Marriage 

Anaiya Sophia 

Anaiya Sophia is author of the following titles
Sacred Relationships:  The Practise of Intimate Erotic Love

Anaiya lives in Puivert and tours extensively in Europe and North America with her life changing workshops.

Pete Wilson

Following over 14 years in The Grenadier Guards Pete lived in Sweden and Denmark and created Retreats for international visitors.
"I was drawn to this beautiful land by my beloved Anaiya Sophia" he says of the Languedoc. "My greatest joys are living and loving life with her whilst walking the known and not-so-known paths of these hills and valleys".

The  hours the men and I spend together on the journey to The Magdalene Grotto will be spent discussing our connection with our inner selves and how that can encourage and open our connection with women.

The Magdalene Cave Rennes le Chateau

Learn about the mystery of the Magdalen


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